Great Dixter Fork 4T

$ 104.00

Article #: 5061-210775

Width of head: 4.70″

Length of head: 5.5″

Total length: 24.2″

Number of tines: 4

Length of tines: 5.10″

Between tines: 1.20″

Weight: .85 lbs

Material of handle: Ash wood

In stock

The fork version of the planting spade, allowing precision and control when you are on your hands and knees but greater leverage and power than a hand tool as a result of the length of the handle (anticipation of wrist complaints). The fork head enables you to weed in tight spaces while in a crouching position but can also be used to titivate the soil. The short handle length means it fits perfectly into the body when working with it. If you need a tough garden fork, but a full size fork is just too big for working in those tighter spaces like your raised beds or flower beds? Then you’ll find this fork is the perfect size when you working on your knees turning the soil, adding amendments or even harvesting root vegetables.

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 6 × 2 in
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