Field Shef

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Width of Head: 5.5″
Length of Head: 9″
Length of Handle: 35″
Total Length: 45″
Number of Spikes: 3
Length of Spikes: 6″
Between Spikes: 2″
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Handle Type:  Ash Handle

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Jaap Sneeboer states: “Best tool I have ever made”.

“Field Shef combines the incredible Sneeboer designs on the most difficult soil conditions” said Jaap Sneeboer, director of Sneeboer. Field Shef will be the most popular gardening tool for our Sneeboer-users due its amazing display and iconic design.

What’s in a name?

Jaap Sneeboer “When I took over my dad’s business April 1986 I admired Sheffield”. The Field Shef is our homage, our admiration to Sheffield, the Steel City and its surroundings, known for British Steel, cutlery and where the best English garden tools used to be produced.

The Field Shef is a hybrid of a spade and fork and transforms labor into a pleasant exercise, perfect for digging, splitting, making clean trenches and cutting.

Key features:

Easily cutting of the roots, you can’t do this with a fork!
No tine bending due the “made out of piece” construction.
Lightness and strength.
Easily entering the soil.
Perfect for aerating.
Fat clay doesn’t stick to the blade as we have the cut-away (fork-principle).
Less resistance due the V-shaped forged tines.
Clean trenches

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 116 × 1 in
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